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I have selected regular shipment. can i change to courier shipment?

Courier shipping option is available for Pharma Grade products only. When you place an order and want to have courier shipment, please send us a message from your order page. We will calculate and inform you about your new total cost.

Why do you need the payment details for bitcoin?

Most of the Bitcoin payments are instantly confirmed by our system. Some of the payments may need a confirmation from our finance department. We need all the information below: - Transaction-ID, - BTC amount and - BTC wallet address that you made payment to (not yours) We need the payment details because: Our finance department would need the details to be able to verify and confirm your BTC transfer.

How can i pay by western union?

Here you can find the nearest store: WU Agent Location3. Fill out the "Receiver" section with the information in the email sent to you: recipient's name, surname, city and country. No need to fill in any other information.5. You can pay with cash, a bank debit card or credit card.IMPORTANT NOTE:Western Union is designed for people to send money to family and friends. If the agent will ask you, do not tell him that this is for a business of any kind, tell him it is for a family member or friend!Western Union is not supposed to be used for business or goods payments from the internet, if they realize that this is for a business, they will stop the transaction.Do not protect payment with a secret question or secret answer! If you have set a secret question, please inform us about this.- Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) (XXX-XXX-XXXX).- Sender's full name (first name and surname).- Currency- After the information is filled, press the "Payment Notify" button.

Can i change the payment method?

You can change the payment method between Bitcoin, Zelle and Bank Transfer anytime. You don't need to place a new order for this. You only need to send us a message from your order page and we will assist you.If you want to change your payment method to Western Union or Money Gram, you need to place a new order. Our system will automatically assign you a collector name. 

Which courier company are you using?

Your order will be sent using the most suitable courier company (Fedex, TNT, National Postal Services etc.) depending on your order and the destination country.